Should This Mother Have Given Up Her Beloved Engagement Ring To Her Soon To Be Daughter-In-Law?

Family dynamics can certainly be complicated, and those awkward moments and uncertain interactions only grow as more and more people are added to your family.

This woman was thrilled to hear that her son and his longtime girlfriend had decided to get married, but when they came to announce it, her son also asked if she would be willing to give him her engagement ring so that he could save money.

My son, Sam, (26) and his longtime girlfriend, now fiancee, Emily, (26) finally decided to get married. They had announced their engagement privately to my husband and me, and after the initial excitement, they said they had something important to talk to me about.

Sam wanted my engagement ring to give to Emily. Sam said this would be a great way to keep him from starting his marriage in debt from having to buy a new expensive diamond ring. Emily also added that she has liked the look of my ring a lot and would love for me to pass it down to her.

The only problem is that OP loves her engagement ring. She loves that her husband picked it out for her, and she figures she still has many years to enjoy it herself.

I love my engagement ring. I have worn it everyday since my husband proposed to me with it and to be honest, I still have plenty of years to live that I want to keep wearing it until I am old and grey. Also, my ring is not a family heirloom. My husband chose and bought this ring for me many years ago.

She declined, outlining all of her reasons and saying that once she was much older or gone, she would love to leave the ring to her son’s children to pass down.

So, I told them that I appreciated them wanting my ring, but no, I wanted to keep it. I listed out the reasons above and how I don’t want to part with my ring yet for the rest of my still-long life. However, when I am old, I would be more than happy to give it to their future children.

Both his son and his fiancee were vocally upset, and they have OP wondering if she made the right call.

Well, Sam and Emily weren’t happy with my answer and Sam actually called me selfish and materialistic. He said that diamonds are a scam and asked how I could let him go into debt to buy a new ring.

Emily was disappointed and said that she had hoped that my ring could become a family heirloom and it would be a token of accepting her into our family (I have always liked Emily and we got along great).

They also said that I could keep my wedding band so it wasn’t like they were leaving me without any rings to wear.

Though she did say in an edit that her sweet husband was glad she wanted to keep the ring he’d bought for her.

My husband did defend me and had told our son to leave and walk it off when he started arguing with me. He said he is on my side and would have respected my decision with the ring, but he admitted that he was happy that I still love my ring so much after all these years!

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The top comment echoes many others, and it’s just kind of amazed at the kids’ gall.

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I thought that was weird, too. Diamonds are a scam but he needs one?

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I hope OP is ready to hear a bunch of people call her son a jerk. Because.

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No one says you have to propose with a diamond ring.

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There are just so many other options than trying to steal your mom’s ring.

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I can’t imagine the conversation that led to this request, to be honest.

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