10 Absolutely Terrible Non-Monetary Ways Waiters Have Been Tipped

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/amorprincess

Working in the service industry is hard. Not only are you on your feet all day, but you’re also bending over backward for customers who have ridiculous requests. All this, just to hustle for a buck to pay your bills.

Waiting tables can be a thankless job. Especially if you end up with a bunk tip…

10. Does Obama grace the $100 bill?


9. Here’s a tip. Religious pamphlets are not currency.

8. I say, “It’s better to have money to buy said beans and bacon.”


7. Arcade tokens are not money. Period.


6. This customer must think they ate “play” food. Hmmmm.


5. He might want to rethink his “game”.

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/RekNepZ

4. What is this? Twenty Cents? Unreal.


3. “I work part-time at an automatic car wash, and some douches handed me this.” Umm…

2. Trust us. Condolence cards do not make non-tipping okay.

Photo Credit: Imgur

1. This is what happens when you choose not to tip.

The lesson for all you non-tippers out there? If you can’t afford the service, don’t go out to eat.

And remember, karma will come back. Just ask the children with mullets.