10 Adorable Secrets from “The Office” That Are Fun to Know

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How many times did you watch an episode of The Office and laughed your head off because it wasn’t so far off from your own experience at work that day? That’s what made this mockumentary so awesome and relatable.

Watching the show in reruns is fun too when we can really reflect on the weirdness that happens on the job–like tedious insurance enrollment days where you have to guess what kinds of illness or hospitalizations you might require for the year or awkward office contests with convoluted rules.

Now that we’ve had a bit of distance from when new seasons were airing, we can also dig deep into some of the behind-the-scenes stuff and find new joy.

Here are 10 secrets we need to know.

1. Steve Carell needed the set to be kept at 64-degrees otherwise he would get too sweaty.

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2. In season three’s “Beach Games,” Rainn Wilson kicked sand in Leslie David Baker’s eye by accident. Baker had to be taken to the ER for a scratched cornea and had to have his eye cleaned out.

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3. Rainn Wilson auditioned for the role of Michael Scott too.

4. A casting associate read lines for the auditions and she was so good the role of Phyllis Smith was created for her.

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5. B.J. Novak was a writer and the first person to be cast.

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6. After getting the part of Jim, John Kransinski made a trip to Scranton and took the images we see in the show’s opening.

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7. After they were cast, Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson made a prediction over lunch that the show would last 8 years.

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Yesterday, March 24, 2005 was the first time the US version of The Office aired on national television. 13 years ago you let this crazy group of folks into your homes. Thank you The Office fans for all these years of your love and support!! You guys are the best!! #twss

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8. Steve Carell’s wife is Nancy Ellen Carell who played Carol Stills.

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9. Jenna Fischer’s husband, Lee Kirk, played Pam’s lactation consultant.

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10. John Krasinski wrote a sweet note to Jenna Fischer about how much he valued their time together on the show and he put it in Pam’s teapot.

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The Office is a special show and the hilarious actors who played the characters will forever be known for their portrayals.

Thank you, to the entire team and cast behind The Office. You made our working lives a little less depressing! 😀