10 Brilliant Food Charts for Reaching Healthier Eating Goals

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Looking to get healthier? Maybe by changing up your diet?

The best way to reach a goal like that is to start with a plan. A plan will help you stay on track and prevent you from having to make choices when you are hungry – cause that’s not when you want to be picking your meals out.

If you don’t know where to begin, these food charts are a great kick-start.

1. Deli meat Alternatives

One way to cut out processed food is to watch how much deli meat you are eating. This chart gives you tasty alternatives.


2. Snacking at Work

Mindless eating at work is bad. Check out these more thoughtful choices.


3. Refrigerator Storage Times

Spoiler alert: meat does not keep indefinitely in the fridge or freezer. Bone up on limits to keeping food in your refrigerator.


4. Fruit

Not necessarily a low-cal food. Figure out how much fruit will actually help you meet your daily calorie intake goal.


5. Low Calorie Swaps

Eat this and not that if you want to reduce calories but not taste.


5. 6 Ways to Pizza

Pizza can be healthy. See all the ways here.


6. Muscle Meats

Portion control is an excellent way to healthier eating. Learn to eyeball your servings.


8. Meat

Make sure you’re getting enough protein with this chart.


9. Vitamins and Minerals

Don’t overlook the importance of these healthful building blocks.


10. Calorie and Protein Chart

Nothing can stop from healthier eating when you use this food chart for meal planning.


Planning, shopping and prepping will be your keys to healthier eating. Get educated and save these informative food charts as your first step to eating better and feeling better.