10 Celebrity Encounters Bound To Give You The Warm Fuzzies

If you scour the internet, it’s not hard to find stories about celebrities behaving badly. Like the rest of the news tends to be, the people who run with celebrity stuff mostly shares when things go terribly wrong.

What about when things go right, though? What about all of the celebrities who are awesome people, who love sharing time with us “regular” folks, and who do good deeds every day?

They’re out there, and if you need further proof, here are 10 really great stories.

10. This is such a fun story.

SDCC is made of unicorn experiences.

9. People are complicated, y’all.

No doubt about it.

8. I love these details.

I am hearing him say that in his very distinctive voice.

7. She is so beautiful.

So she’s a total double threat type.

6. This is an amazing picture.

They look like a happy couple!

5. Not once, but twice.

That’s epic kindness right there.

4. I mean it’s kind of the least he could do.

Like I said, people are complicated.

3. Well she sounds like a queen.

I could use a spritz most days, not gonna lie.

2. Always treat people like human beings.

It’s such an easy thing to do.

1. Kind and courteous.

Someone’s mother raised them right.

Image Credit: Twitter

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather read these than the negative gossip.

If you’ve got a story like this, we would love it if you would share with us in the comments!