10 Chores You’ve Been Doing Wrong This Whole Time

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Being an adult is hard. You have to work 40+ hours to keep a roof over your head, pay bills, and do pesky chores.

Cleanliness and order is an important part of living your best life, but there are some chores you don’t have to do so often. Let’s check out some of these chores so you can finally start saving some time!

10. Buying Storage Containers

Save a few shoeboxes or other sturdy boxes so you can sort things out without spending so much on fancy containers.

Just create labels, a system, and you’re good to go.

9. Throwing Out Old Bread

You shouldn’t eat moldy bread!

If you live alone and enjoy toast, you can freeze some of your bread so you can throw it in the toaster and presto!

8. Wondering Where Your Sock Went

Simply throw your pairs of socks into a mesh bag when you do laundry and you’ll prevent this common tragedy.

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7. Looking Through Paper Bills

Plenty, if not all, companies provide online statements and autopay options.

Shuffling through old papers to figure out what you owe is a thing of the past.

6. Using One-Time Batteries

Rechargeable batteries cost a bit more, but they last longer and eventually pay for themselves.

Plus, disposable batteries have acids that might unintentionally start fires. Yikes!

5. Weekly Lawn-Moving

It’s fine to mow your lawn every two weeks.

This allows enough wildflowers to sprout so that bees can have something to pollinate with, and prevents the lawn from becoming so short that it dries out.

4. Rinsing Dishes Before Loading

This wastes water. Experts also say you can simply scrape bigger pieces of food off your dishes.

You’ll still get the same results.

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3. Extraneous Ironing

Do you know those pesky wire hanger wrinkles?

To reduce time spent ironing them off your shirts, it’s best to invest in quality wire hangers made of wood or velvet.

2. Leaving Curtains Open

If you live in an area that gets lots of sun, the extra UV rays may eventually fade colors from your furniture over time.

Open curtains may also increase your home’s temperature and cause you to have to spend more on utilities.

 1. Washing Your Hair Every Day

Your scalp produces natural oils that condition your hair. Washing it every day actually strips your scalp of these oils and stimulates excess production.

Most people are fine if they wash their hair two or three times per week.

ALRIGHT! Are you smarter now? Yeah you are!

Now that you know which chores aren’t necessary to do every day, what will you do instead?

Share your suggestions in the comments section! After all, you have an extra few seconds now.