10+ Clumsy Men and Women Share the Dumbest Way They’ve Been Injured


Got some clumsy folks in your life who always seem to get hurt? I know I do. I have a friend who can barely leave the house without getting injured.

People on AskReddit were brave enough to admit the absolute dumbest ways they’ve ever been injured.

1. It happens

“Coughed, pulled muscle in back.”

2. The door

“I was helping my buddy and his dad do a kitchen demo and we were in the process of ripping off the old cabinet doors. I reached up and grabbed on to a particularly stubborn cabinet door that needed just a touch of extra force to rip it off the hinges. For some reason I decided the two handed approach was worth a shot and also decided that instead of trying to tear it down I would simply let my feet off the ground and let the weight of my body do the work…

The door came off with such force it slapped my glasses clean off my face and busted a nice fat gash above my eyebrow. Took us 10 minutes to stop laughing at my stupidity and another 15 of searching to find my glasses that had ricocheted off the floor and into the oven somehow.”

3. Ouch!

“10 years old. Accidentally stepped on a croquet ball (it was bright orange). Broke my ankle.”

4. Accident prone

“In middle school I was on crutches because I broke my ankle, so in my 5th grade wisdom I decided to play soccer on an icy field using the crutches…. I broke my other ankle and ended up in a wheelchair. While in the wheelchair I got pretty good at doing wheelies and showed off a lot… That was until I tried it on carpet and the wheels slipped and I flipped the chair smashing my head into the floor giving myself a concussion. So yeah that.”

5. Hahaha

“Sneezed while crouched down and gave myself a concussion from head butting the granite countertop.”

6. That’s unusual

“One time I got chemical burns around my face from eating too much pineapple. I can list more things like this.”

7. Sinner!

“I ran into a giant cross with my cheek bone at church camp.”

8. Bad habit

“Chipped a tooth biting my fingernails.”

9. Wine casualty

“I stabbed myself in the wrist trying to open a bottle of wine with a pocket knife. I hit a really weird spot in my wrist because it didn’t bleed but it left a nasty scar which is still here nearly 20 years later.”

10. Dad laughed at this one

“This only lasted for a minute but when I was younger, my sis and I were at a family party and on a swing set. Some kids do this jump off when you get to the peak of the forward swing and see how far you can land.

For some reason, my dumb self decides to let go during the back swing and I land chest first on the ground. I got up and literally thought I was dying while grasping for air since my lungs got knocked out. All I remember is my dad laughing at me while I was crawling up the deck.”

11. Party foul

“Caught fire at a party once at uni, bonded my sock to my leg and needed a skin graft for the 3rd degree burns. Following the creation of some rather strong punch, a lot of the sauce being down my jeans, some lass dropped a cigarette on me at some point later in the evening and I didn’t notice.”

12. Unlucky

“I always wear a helmet when skiing. I was walking out to my car after a great day on the slopes and slipped. Nothing crazy just a little slip on the ice. I would have been fine, except I landed on my helmet. My full weight came down on my helmet, which was clipped onto my backpack, resulting in a broken rib.

The only bone I’ve ever broken… was a result of falling on a helmet.”

13. Shocked

“Unplugging an old electric drill. It was stuck. Got it half way out. Grabbed the metal part of the plug. The shock threw me across the room. Fun!”

14. This is a new one

“Making spaghetti, about to snap them in half. Ended up twisting them while trying to snap them, and the sharp spaghetti made multiple cuts in my hands.”

15. It’s an intense sport

“Playing table tennis. Game got intense, and I didn’t want to lose. So, opponent hits the ball really close to the edge of my side of the table, I decided to go for the ball hard… slam my knuckles right into the edge of the table, bleeding profusely. To this day, almost 10 years later, those stupid scars are across my knuckles now.”