10 Historical Pictures of People Knitting That Are Cool as Hell

Image Credit: Knit Freedom

Knitting is cool.

I’m surprised you didn’t know that.

But, seriously, the hobby, once a dying art, has been making a real comeback – possibly because no one wants to leave their houses anymore, and the Internet is increasingly making the hermit dream a reality.

Either way, Barbara Levine included these awesome pictures of people knitting through history in her book, People Knitting: A Century of Photographs. Take a look – they will totally inspire you to pick up the practice yourself. You can get everything you need (plus the book, for extra inspiration) with Amazon Prime.

#10. I love the ones of knitting men. Classic masculinity has changed so much – this guy was a sailor.


Photo Credit: Mental Floss

#9. Sassy knitting.


Photo Credit: Mental Floss

#8. Too cute.


Photo Credit: Mental Floss

#7. I’m pretty sure this kid can’t even walk yet. What the hell!


Photo Credit: Mental Floss

#6. Knitting portraiture. Boss.


Photo Credit: Mental Floss

#5. He’s knitting something for his baby. This guy is totally getting laid tonight.


Photo Credit: Mental Floss

#4. I mean, I like to bring a book, but this works, too.


Photo Credit: Mental Floss

#3. Maybe the creepiest Halloween costume ever.


Photo Credit: Mental Floss

#2. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, protecting herself from the boredom that’s about to kill the women next to her.


Photo Credit: Mental Floss

#1. My personal favorite: a group of knitting men. Badass.


Photo Credit: Mental Floss

h/t: Mentalfloss