10 Delusional People who Believe They Can Sell Lame Stuff on the Internet for Big Bucks

Photo Credit: Reddit

Ever looked at your old crap and think someone could probably use that? You sure as hell aren’t going to throw away a perfectly good, but stained and smelly armchair. Hey, one man’s trash is another’s treasure, right?

If so, you may be delusional like these folks. Scroll past these 10 things that other delusional people are trying to unload on the internet and judge for yourself what you think your crap is still worth.

I think you may change your mind.

1. Air IS essential to our survival.

ah yes, air.. from delusionalcraigslist

2. Vintage is French for “jack up the price.”

3. Get that screen fixed and it’s good as new.

4. Keeping dryer drums and broken chairs out of landfills.

5. Sure, price your used dress higher than what you paid.

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6. $18?? Maybe for fire sauce.

7. Have any Coke?

8. It seems like a good deal until you check the shipping rates.

9. How can it be “fir” sale when it’s so filthy?

10. Is this how Uber Eats got started?

Hopefully, you know your crap is crap and none of this crap interested you. You have a great life. Go out there and live it.

But before you go… which of these did you think was the most delusional? On the other hand… would you shell out your money for any of these?

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