10 Excellent Pieces Of Advice From Therapy

Now that we have this neat little thing called the internet, which has given us another neat little thing called a global society, we no longer have to pay for things like therapy in order to access at least some of the fruits of that process.

For instance, this Twitter thread is full of people willing to share (for free!) their greatest takeaways from therapy, and there are some really good ones you’ll definitely want to keep in your back pocket.

10. You have to cope somehow.

Do your best not to harm yourself further in the process.

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9. Take a look in the mirror.

Make sure everything is in order there, first.

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8. Give yourself a little grace.

If it’s hard for you, say that it’s hard.

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7. Repeat this to yourself.

Do it every day if you have kids.

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6. Let go of those things that are no longer helping.

Hopefully, they’ll also no longer be necessary.

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5. Take care of yourself.

Don’t give people privileges they didn’t earn.

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4. Seriously, just say no.

No one needs that in their life.

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3. You’re going to need to be calm for that.

And some perspective isn’t going to hurt, either.

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2. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Sometimes moving on is the best thing you can do for yourself.

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1. That’s on you.

It may just be that you don’t quite line up.

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See what I mean? I need to tattoo some of these on my brain, I swear.

What’s the best thing you’ve heard from a therapist? Let’s keep the fun going in the comments!