10 Facts You Might Not Know About the Original Version of ‘The Lion King’


The original version of Disney’s The Lion King was released in theaters on June 15, 1994. And, as I’m sure most of you know, this summer saw a new remake version of the film.

For the hardcore fans of the original, here are 10 facts about the 1994 version that you might not know.

1. Sean Connery was the first choice to play Mufasa.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

2. Tim Rice, who co-wrote the lyrics for the songs in The Lion King, wanted ABBA to be on the soundtrack. When they declined, he asked Elton John.

3. Can You Feel the Love Tonight was almost cut from the film because it didn’t fit the father-and-son theme of the film.

4. Disney wanted Patrick Stewart for the role of Zazu.

5. All the lion roars in the film were done by voice actor Frank Welker, who growled into a metal garbage can to get distinct sounds.

Photo Credit: Disney

6. Animators studied real lions for reference.

7. Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella originally auditioned for the roles of Banzai and Shenzi, hyenas in the film.

Photo Credit: Disney

8. The artist who animated adult Simba wanted to give him a mane that looked like Jon Bon Jovi’s…then Matthew Broderick was cast and the plan was nixed.

9. Rob Minkoff and Don Hahn, the director and producer of 1994’s version, say that Scar and Mufasa weren’t actually brothers.

Photo Credit: Disney