10 ‘First Day of School’ Before and After Photos


If you’ve logged on to any kind of social media over the past couple weeks, even for a second, there’s no doubt you’ve seen an endless stream of “back to school” photos from all your friends who have kids.

And, hey, they’re pretty adorable!

By now, it’s a time-honored tradition to post a pic of “Lucy’s First Day of Second Grade” or “Timmy’s First Day of Kindergarten.”

But there’s a flipside to all of this joy…it’s what the kids look (and feel) like after that big first day of school. And it is pure exhaustion and trauma. Take a look for yourself:

1. To Hell and back

First day back at school took its toll on this little girl
byu/mayallrob_ inCasualUK

2. Very bleak

Before and after the first day of school. The future suddenly looks bleak.
byu/cr0gd0r infunny

3. Frazzled

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4. Defeated

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5. Couldn’t handle it

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6. One of them clearly isn’t feeling it

There’s two types of kids on the first day of school..
byu/xMudxCrabx infunny

7. Time for a nap

First submission. My niece had a hard day at school.

8. Comfortable?


My 7-year-old was not interested in going to school today.
byu/Camillavilla inpics

10. Mom seems a little overzealous


It’s gonna be another loooooong year.

Those photos are absolutely hilarious. Share yours in the comments!