10 GIFS That Prove Jennifer Lawrence Is Everybody’s Dream Bestie

Jennifer Lawrence: the darling of Hollywood, the media, the box office, and, let’s face it – each and every one of our hearts. Whether she’s acting awkward, falling down, talking about how much she loves food, or fangirling over celebrities, we’ve all fantasized about what it might be like to paint our nails with her while we watch Mean Girls and hash out dream versions of Screw, Marry, or Kill.

Ok, that last part might be just me; I figure referencing MASH or some other 80s sleepover game does nothing but date me… but JLaw would love me anyway, because that’s how awesome she is – like a sparkly unicorn that poops chocolate kisses.

#10. When she tries to be sexy but it comes off totes awkward. #spiritanimal

#9. How she still gets excited about the little things.

#8. The way she understands that any time is an appropriate time to throw back a drink.

#7. She’s not afraid to be silly…

#6. …or own the fact that she’s fabulous.

#5. She’ll give it to you straight, like only a true bestie will.

#4. She’s not afraid to drop a well-placed F-bomb.

#3. Her selfie game is on point.

#2. She says what we’re all thinking without a trace of shame.

#1. She stares at Liam Hemsworth like we all would (if we ever got that close). #LesserHemsworth #StillHot

The bottom line is that JLaw is the actual best, and there is nothing on the Internet or planet earth that has ever been able to prove otherwise.

We love you too, JLaw. <3