10 Hard-To-Believe Facts About Nature

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Sir David Attenborough and BBC have once again wowed us with yet another series showing us the wonders of nature.

Just when you think you know everything there is about nature, shows like Seven Worlds, One Planet put nature on display—and teach us cool new things along the way.

10. Humans Have Only Known About Antarctica for 200 Years

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That’s when humans first spotted the continent.

9. Gentoo Penguins Are the Speediest of All

With an average speed of 22 miles per hour, these are the fastest swimming penguins in the world!

8. Some Sea Anemones Don’t Need a Mate.

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That’s because they’re born as females. They later become hermaphrodites by growing male sex organs, and this lets them reproduce without a mate.

7. The Himalayas Are Still Surging

The tallest mountains in the world are still measurably growing every year.

6. This “Spider” Is Actually a Snake


A recently discovered snake, better known as the Iranian spider-tailed viper is exactly what it sounds like: a snake with a tail shaped like a spider.

5. The Longest Mountain Range in the World Is the Andes

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The Andes stretch 5500 miles from Chile and Argentina to Bolivia and Peru.

4. The Highest Waterfall in the World Is Angel Falls

Located in Venezuela, the beautiful Angel Falls feature a 979 meter (3,212 foot) drop.

3. The Amazon River Has the Most Water in the World…

It’s only the second-longest, but as it flows from the Andes mountains to its end at the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon River carries more water than the next seven largest rivers in the world.

2. The Center of Australia Is One Giant Desert

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It takes three days to cross from one side to the other using the Ghan train.

1. Australia and Antarctica Were

Once Connected

The two parted ways 30 million years ago.

Pretty cool! Is there any nature fact that surprised you? Let us know!