10 Hilarious Facebook Posts From Horrible People

Intellectually, we all know that there are terrible people in the world. We also know that our “friends” and family say terrible things on Facebook and don’t really seem to get what’s so awful.

That said, these 10 people take shockingly awful to a whole new level.

10. So glad someone came for this guy.

He deserves to be called out, absolutely, positively, for sure.

9. My heart is literally breaking.

“That’s not true, right?” Ugh… what a tough one.

8. That is a lot of information all at once.

Also, she misspelled Baron. So there’s that.

7. Where are you getting these statistics, sir?

I’m guessing not from like, scientists. Or anybody at all except your own garbage mind?

6. How does she know they’re thankful?

I’m just curious. Not judging. Much.

5. If ever there was a time to take his name in vain.

Maybe he was asking for protection. But yeah… nightmare fuel.

4. Ben & Jerry’s trying to murder us all.

That’s why they make their ice cream so delicious I guess. (Btw, dihydrogen monoxide is water. H2O. Fun!)

3. Can you even imagine seeing this on your timeline.

What on earth is the matter with people? Oh, everything? Got it.

2. That last comment, though. Ha!

That seems to be a logical explanation.

1. You mean to tell me more than one person has had this thought?

I’m sure that wouldn’t cause any trouble.

I’m floored, and also, I’m going to start triple checking that my doors are locked at night.

Do you know anyone like this? How fast did you unfriend them? I hope super duper!