10 Hoppin’ Facts About Rabbits

Image Credit: Pixabay

I don’t care who you are – rabbits are adorable. Their little noses, those velvety ears, the sweet little hops all add up to a little critter that’s impossible not to love.

Not to mention the chocolate on easter. Thanks, Easter Bunny!

In homage to the perfectly cute little rodent, here are 10 facts that will make you want to bounce in your seat.

10. They groom themselves


Much like cats, rabbits are very hygienic.

They keep clean by licking their fur and paws and don’t really need to be bathed.

9. Carrots aren’t their favorite


>Though they will eat the root vegetable, they prefer greens like weeds, grasses, and clovers that aren’t as high in sugar (they can contribute to bun bun’s tooth decay!).

8. They can’t puke


If you want a reason to choose a rabbit instead of a cat the next time you’re looking for a pet, here’s one: a rabbit’s digestive system is physically incapable of moving in reverse.

No hairballs!

7. They’re not all tiny


Some rabbits, like the Flemish giant rabbit, can grow up to 2.5 feet long and weigh over 20 pounds.

6. They can see nearly 360 degrees.


Prey animals need to be able to see predators, and a rabbit can view around 360 degrees without moving their head – just try sneaking up on one!

5. Baby rabbits are called kittens


Not bunnies, though I will continue to use the term, thank you very much, but kits (or kittens).

Mature females are does and males are bucks – fun facts!

#4. Their teeth never stop growing


Like fingernails on people, a rabbit’s teeth would keep growing if they didn’t eat enough gritty, tough plants meant to wear them down – unchecked, they could grow up to 5 inches a year.

3. They “binky” when they’re happy

One of the cutest things ever to happen in nature is a rabbit hopping up and doing a happy twist in mid-air – a binky.

2. Their ears are for more than cuteness


Not only do their large ears help keep them safe by allowing them to hear very well, they can rotate up to 270 degrees to assist in detecting threats up to 2 miles away.

Their ears also cool rabbits down on a hot day.

1. They eat their own poo

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Not so adorable, but we can’t all be perfect.

Rabbits sometimes eat their own poo, which is actually an essential part of their diet – they even produce a special kind of poop that is meant to be eaten as part of their diet.

Their digestive systems move extremely quickly, meaning that there are still plenty of nutrients to be absorbed the second time around.

Off to convince the fella we need a new pet!