Who doesn’t love some Target! I don’t know about you, but when I shop there, I always expect to go in for 2 items only to come out with a full shopping cart.

This retail juggernaut is known for it’s red bulls-eye logo and awesome deals. Coming in at number 39 on the Fortune 500 list for 2018, here are some other fascinating facts about the retailer that you might like:

10. Target wasn’t always “Target.”

It all started in 1902 as Goodfellow Dry Goods, founded by George Dayton. After several mergers and name changes, the company finally landed on the name Target in the 1960s. The first store opened its doors in Roseville, Minnesota.

9. Currently, Target employs 360,000 individuals worldwide!

And they have a great benefits package, including paid time off, store discounts, and a 401k.

8. As of 2018, Target surged to over 1853 stores.

They also have a global offices in China, Hong Kong, and India

7. Target offers more than household brands and fashion retail names.

They have around 39 of their very own products labeled as Archer Farms and Simply Balanced.

6. Target understands the importance of partnerships and retail positioning.

They have created alliances with Levis and Magnolia

5. Target also gives back to the community.

In the event Target has to get rid of non-purchased merchandise, they donate it to the Goodwill.

Photo Credit: Target

4. Target really knows their customers.

On average, customers are 40 years of age and pack in about $64K in annual income – and 43% of these customers have children.

3. When the Washington Monument needed repairs in the 1990s, Target swooped in to assist!

The overall cost was $5 million, and Target promoted fundraising efforts and contributions to pay for repairs.

2. Those red balls outside the store front may look fun and festive, but they have function as well.

They prevent crazy shoppers from driving their vehicles through the store!

Photo Credit: Target

1. As of 2018, Target is officially in all 50 states.

Vermont being the last state to join in on the Target love.