10 Jokes That Will Tide You Over Until Our Next Checks Get Cashed

We still don’t know whether or not we’re going to be receiving a second stimulus check here in the States, but if we do, it’s pretty clear it’s not going to be for enough money to do much rescuing.

Why not laugh about it now, then, while we still can?

If you’re into it, these 10 jokes are ready and willing to help you along!

10. Take it. You won’t go hungry.

Don’t hold out for the whole chicken.

Image Credit: Someecards

9. Seems legit.

As legit as anyone’s income on that show.

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8. Just keep swimming.

Don’t splurge on the beef, though.

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7. Who’s laughing now?


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6. That’s not gonna get you anything from the top shelf.

But at least you had a good time.

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5. Now you know how he feels.

It’s not fun, is it, lady?!

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4. That might be a generous representation.

But it’s pizza, so there’s that.

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3. That face is perfection.

Unless you’re the landlord.

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2. Remember, it is money.

So we will grudgingly accept.

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1. And they’ll never stop hounding you forever.

But I mean. They’re not going to anyway.

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I mean, we might as well chuckle, y’all. Dark times call for dark humor, after all.

What are you going to do with your stimulus check? Feeling like it’s ALL going towards gummies? Maybe a case of chablis?

Tell us what you’re going to buy in the comments! Ya lushes!