10 Memes for the History Buffs in the House

If you’re a history nerd, there’s nothing better than feeling cool for a minute – and being the person in the room who really *gets* a meme can do that for you.

And these 10 memes – as funny as they are true – are definitely going to do that for you today!

10. No one thinks it’s going to happen to them.

Spoiler Alert: You can’t beat genetics kids! They’re genetics!

Photo Credit: The Chive

9. Not something you should say aloud.

You’re going to want to leave the country first. And quickly. Very quickly.

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8. It truly is that easy.

Napoleon actually was of normal height. People thought he was short because of how British cartoonists portrayed him.

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7. I honestly had no idea until like three years ago.

And that’s because I saw it on The Americans and looked it up. Because that’s what good Americans do!

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6. Why do you think they were talking about peace all the time?

Hint: Not because they already had it.

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5. They’ve got it all!

But you know, that’s not a good thing. It’s a very, very, very bad thing.

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4. Aww, maybe she’ll come around.

The Middle Ages gets no love from time traveling ladies.

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3. Just hear him out.

“Holy schnikes it worked.”

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2. Welcome to the fray.

You’re definitely going to need those gas masks.

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1. Gotta keep digging through those files, fam!

Because I could pull out REAMS of documentation.

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I’m feeling cooler already, how about you? And smarter!

Which of these did you already share with a fellow nerd friend?

Tell us in the comments, fam!