9 Super Satisfying Magnet GIFs


Enter the world of science + magnets! Warning: You won’t be able to look away. May cause you to stare for several seconds/minutes.

1.) This is a demonstration of quantum locking. Pushing a frictionless dash around a magnetic track.

Photo Credit: TED

2.) Ball bearings and rare-earth magnets. The incoming ball is accelerated by the magnet. The first ball strikes the magnet, transferring its kinetic energy through the magnet and two of the ball bearings …and the process is repeated.

3.) Magnetorheological fluid and a neodynium magnet.

Photo Credit: GIFBIN

4.) Beer, bottle opener, a strong magnet …and a CAT.

Photo Credit: Reddit, @IRUDY

5.) Magnets SMASH an Apple.

Photo Credit: Reddit, @MrMikeHunt

6.) This pillow has been rigged with a magnetic base.

Photo Credit: geek-soul

7.) 100 pounds of magnetic puddy attracting to a super magnet.

Photo Credit: Reddit, @FluxxOG

8.) Magnets smashing hotdogs

9.) Liquid oxygen displaying induced magnetic properties on a magnet

Photo Credit: Reddit, @cedergren