Modern Company Logos Done up in Medieval Style

You’re in for a big treat today!

Because these designs by an artist who goes by the moniker Ilya Stallone are pretty amazing.

They took popular brand logos and refashioned them to what they might have looked like during Medieval times.

Was Starbucks around back then? I’ll have to check…

Anyway, take a look. They’re really great!

1. Be careful around that thing!

You might end up like this guy.

2. Check out the unit on that puma.

You can’t NOT see it.

3. There it is!

A classic.

4. I’ll take a Whopper.

Actually, make it two.

5. Medieval selfies, anyone?

You gotta love it!

6. I’m a fan of this one.

Makes perfect sense.

7. Like a puppet show back then.

Look it up!

8. Going old school.

I hope you like ballads.

9. All you need is love.

Harder to hook up back then, though.

10. Risky stuff back in the day!

You had to hide it out in the barn.

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