10 of the Absolute Freakiest Movies on Netflix Right Now

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I don’t know about you, but I’m always up for a good scare. So I’m constantly looking for new movies to watch that will make me curl up in a ball and hide my face.

I’m assuming you’re just like me if you are currently reading this article, right? Of course you are…

Here are 10 of the freakiest movies on Netflix right now.

1. Creep (2014)

This is a very strange film about a guy who responds to a job advertisement and things just keep getting weirder and weirder as the day progresses.

There’s a sequel now, too.

2. When the Angels Sleep (2018)


A man runs over a girl with his car and will do anything, and I mean anything, to cover it up.


3. The Others (2001)

Nicole Kidman stars in this classic horror tale about an unusual family whose house is haunted by ghosts during World War II.

Oh, and there’s a surprise twist. So that’s fun!

4. The Invitation (2015)


You might never want to attend another dinner party as long as you live after watching The Invitation.

A tense, slow burn of a movie.

5. The Witch (2015)

This is a very impressive horror film that takes place in New England in 1630.

Seriously, this is one of the best horror films of the last decade. Gorgeously shot, masterfully paced and scary as hell!

Basically, if hysteria and suspicion are your cup of tea, you’ll enjoy this movie.

6. Cube (1997)

This is a mind-bending, creepy movie about six people trapped in a room that no one knows how to escape from.

Oh, and fun fact… it’s from Canada!

7. Veronica (2017)

This one takes place in Spain in the early 1990s and concerns a teenage girl whose life spins out of control after she tries to summon her dead father.

It’s a seriously creepy film and some Twitter users were so scared that they couldn’t even finish it!

8. Raw (2016)

A vegetarian college student is hazed when she begins her studies and is forced to eat raw meat.

This awakens an insatiable hunger that she can’t stop.

Uh oh…

9. 1922 (2017)

A farmer sets out to murder his wife with the help of his son.

The real fun begins after they pull off the killing.

10. Seven (1995)

A serial killer is on the loose and is targeting his victims based on the Seven Deadly Sins.

Directed by David Fincher, the man responsible for ZodiacGone Girl, and Panic Room.

So you only have two questions left to answer…

1) Which one are you gonna watch tonight?