10 People Offer Up Some Of The Worst Life Hacks Around

Usually, when people get on social media and proclaim that they know a little trick that could make the lives of millions that much easier, they actually have, you know…a useful little trick that could help make the lives of millions easier.

These 10 people have no such qualms. They have no qualifications, no good advice to share, and no problem giving their two cents to the world anyway.

So, be warned – these life hacks won’t improve anything for you, but they just might make you laugh.

10. So take that!

You’ll feel better until you remember your brain is also you.

Image Credit: The Chive

9. You, too, can become a vegan.

All you have to do is turn yourself into a plant!

Image Credit: The Chive

8. A sign of our times.

I don’t think this is going to get you the results you awnt.

Image Credit: The Chive

7. If being petty is your game…

Then this is actually pretty solid advice.

Image Credit: The Chive

6. That’s one way to look at it.

Not a terrible way, I suppose. Technically.

Image Credit: The Chive

5. And it’s not creepy at all!

I lied. It’s 100% creepy don’t do this.

Image Credit: The Chive

4. These things are actually getting easier and easier.

They know we’re too dumb to figure anything out.

Image Credit: The Chive

3. Oh I can’t stand people like this.

Tip or don’t go out to eat ugh.

Image Credit: The Chive

2. Was a philosophy minor. Can confirm.

Also I’m sad I didn’t think about this as a college student.

Image Credit: The Chive

1. This would actually work.

But only if you don’t care about having no family.

Image Credit: The Chive

Well, did you learn something? Did you think about the world a little differently? Then my job here is done!

If you’ve got a good back life hack, please share it with us in the comments!