15 People Share the Strangest Thing They’ve Seen in Someone’s House

This article kind of reminds me of that movie The ‘Burbs. It’s a classic from 1989 starring Tom Hanks, and he has some seriously weird neighbors, and their house is filled with all kinds of creepy stuff.

Have you ever seen incredibly weird stuff in someone else’s house, and not known how to handle it?

These AskReddit users sure have. Read on…

1. Game night!

“First week freshman year, my new roommate and default best friend tells me we’re going to a board game night somewhere. I figure “f-ck it, I’ve got no new friends yet, maybe this is the way to do it.” So we go, it ends up being at some sort of church house but that’s fine I guess, we play some train board game and have an alright time with some people who only seem a little weird, but not enough to really throw me off.

So the game wraps up and me and my roommate are about to go home when the pastor says “Wait! You haven’t seen the bathroom yet! You’ve gotta see it, everyone sees my bathroom!”

Okay….. So we open the door and walk into this little bathroom where every single square inch of the walls, sink, toilet, ceiling, and floor are covered in Elvis memorabilia. Posters, tickets, photos, albums, lyric sheets, everything you can imagine. And mounted above the toilet is a creepy, mostly realistic Elvis animatronic, singing head.

Needless to say, this was discomfort I had never felt before. It was beyond being a fan or obsessive or any of that. It was really frightening. So we turn around to him holding a guest book for us to sign. Obviously I made up an email and phone number so he wouldn’t email me or call me, and then my roommate, a devout Catholic, tells him he appreciates it but he’s Jewish and he just wanted to come with me while I checked out their small group. That was a weird night.”

2. Weird, but fun

“When I was little, I had two friends who had a trapeze in their living room.

I loved playing at their houses.”

3. What’s that doing there?

“A functioning toilet against the wall in a bedroom.

Edit: to be clear, there was no sink. Which makes it way more disturbing imo.”

4. No thank you

“I cleaned houses for a while.

One client was an elderly funeral home owner who lived alone in a big place.

His master bathroom was carpeted (gross) and had a urinal.

Directly above the urinal at eye level was an oil painting portrait of a man staring back at you.”

5. Time capsule

“I did a window replacement on a big house in an expensive old area of town.

It was lived in by an elderly lady until she passed.

It was recent because all her things were still there, this place was a perfect time capsule of the 1960’s each room had a different theme/vibe and there were mannequins set up all wearing 60’s clothing in every room in different scenarios.

It was really bizarre. Kinda seemed like the lady was lonely or something.”

6. Is that weird?

“My neighbor’s living room was filled with ventriloquist dummies.

She lived alone, and she looked to be about 60 years old.”

7. Join us for dinner

“I dated a girl whose grandfather once demolished an old medical building.

The first time I went to a Sunday dinner at her grandparents’ place he just had a f-cking human skull chilling on a shelf in his living room.”

8. Coffin table

“When I was in high school, my Mom came home from a garage sale with a coffin. It was a wooden antique from England. It was from the 19th century. It had screw holes in the top which lifted all the way off. The couple who sold it to her were getting rid of it because they disagreed about what purpose it should serve. The wife wanted to keep using it as a coffee table w/blanket storage and the husband wanted to turn it into a gun rack.

My Mom thought it was great as a coffee table so my siblings and I spent the next few years asking our friends, “Would you like a blanket from the coffin?” while we watched TV.

So yeah, high school was fun.”

9. Fish penises

“I work in a job where sometimes I have to go deploy equipment in people’s homes.

I was doing a project where I had to set up some stuff in the kitchen of a very nice vacation rental, which was unoccupied due to the fact that this was February in northern Michigan. The whole thing was decked out to the nines in cutesy, wealthy Grandma-type decor, except for the kitchen. The only artwork in there was a painting of three fish with photorealistic penises and testicles instead of tails, hanging above the stove so that it was the first thing you saw when you walked in.

I have never been so disappointed that our project instructions forbade the photographing of property owners’ belongings.”

10. They make great pets

“Keeping tens of cockroaches as pets in a box in their room.

They weren’t for feeding reptiles, they were actual pets being fed.

This was a teenage friend many years ago, he apparently loved capturing insects like pokemon.”

11. Hit the showers!

“Toured a condo and they had a communal shower, you know the kind you would see at the YMCA, like 6 shower heads.

I picture them having all their buddies over to take a shower together.”

12. Too much Febreze

“Hundreds of those automatic febreeze sprays. Like actual hundreds. I couldn’t breathe inside the house.

Edit: the house belonged to an old lady.

The entire house was creepy af.

It was located right next to a shooting range and we had to interrupt every conversation because of gun shots.

I didn’t see mold, but it was probably under one of the thousands of lace curtains. Everything was covered with lace, even some of the febreeze sprayers.”

13. Run!

“I went to my friend Brian’s house once for dinner and his mom set 4 places.

One for me, one for Brian, one for her self and the last one was for a doll with a cut out picture of Brian’s dead grandmother’s face taped to the dolls face.”

14. Can’t have enough

“I cat-sat for my neighbor once.

Some Kitty’s medication was kept cold.

When I opened the fridge to grab it, I noticed tub after tub of jello.

Everything in the fridge was jello.

Like 40 tubs of it.

Nothing else besides the medicine.”


“My best friend’s mom is obsessed with chicken trinkets.

I’m talking chicken pictures on plates, chicken pillows, porcelain chickens, pictures of chickens on blankets, etc.

Everyone I know has just gotten used to it, but it’s always funny watching someone new walk in.”

Well, that was a wild ride!

Have you ever been to somebody’s house and thought, “What is going on here?”

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