10+ People Reveal What They’re Ashamed to Admit They Like

©Unsplash,Cristian Newman

I know you have some guilty pleasures. It’s okay, you can admit it.

I remember when I was a kid, I thought the New Kids on the Block song Hangin’ Tough was really good, but I knew I couldn’t admit it in front of my brothers or things would get ugly. So I kept it a secret UNTIL RIGHT NOW. Hey, it only took me 30 years to admit it, so that’s progress, right?

People on AskReddit also ‘fessed up to things they’ve been ashamed to admit they like. Honestly, some of them sound pretty great to me, so go figure.

1. Sure!

“My Chemical Romance has some genuinely good songs.”

2. Interesting…

“The sound of high heels.

Hate feet, hate heels, but the sound is just comforting and rhythmic that I like.”

3. Tell me what to do

“Being subordinate. As someone who’s held management positions in every job I’ve had from the bottom to the top of the food chain, there’s nothing I’m more ashamed of loving more than being told what to do.”

4. Harmless fun

“About once a week I go to my local laundromat and peel off the lint from their dryers.”

5. Challengers

“Welp, I’m a grown a** man who for some reason keeps on logging back in to get his butt kicked by 12 year olds on Fortnite. So there’s that.”

6. Just let it out

“As a metalhead, I’m always ashamed to admit I love Lady Gaga. She’s so talented and the way she controls her voice and gives it authority is really awing. At the same time this leads to other artists I’m ashamed of saying I’m a fan of but Lady Gaga is def the biggest.”

7. You’re not alone

“Very trashy romance books. The ability read them in sometimes less than one sitting is perfect for calming my brain.”

8. Nothing wrong with that

” “Fast food pizza,” i.e. Domino’s, Pizza Hut, etc.

It’s by no means great. But there are so many inconsistent-to-subpar New York-style pizzerias in my area (which is far from New York), and they all have the same recurring problems: greasy cheese, crust that’s too tough or too thin (ultra-thin crust that isn’t crispy is pretty gross), and occasionally a scorched pie from being baked in an oven that wasn’t cleaned properly.

Wood-fired oven pizzerias are becoming more popular, but I’m not a huge fan of the almost-burnt crust.

There’s one place near me that does Chicago-style pizza, but it’s both relatively pricey and feels more like I’m eating a casserole than a pizza. Good, but I can’t be eating anything that rich all the time.

So if I’m very tired, not feeling very adventurous, and just really craving pizza, I’ll usually order up from some chain joint. It’s not glamorous and it’s not the pinnacle of dining, but it’s consistent.”

9. A common one

“Having someone else take care of me.”

10. Makes sense in a weird way

“I’ll never admit it to anyone in real life, but sometimes the reason why I’m so gung-ho when sh*t goes sideways is because I’d quite like to get hurt.

When I’m legitimately incapacitated is the only time I feel like I’m really allowed to switch off and it’s nice, sometimes, to get in to some clean, warm, dry gear and let somebody else look after you for a bit. No worries, no responsibilities, just…quiet.

I’d never do anything to get anyone else hurt, of course, but I’ll take risks with myself that, in all honesty, nobody with their head in a good place ever would.”

11. It was fantastic!

“Last year I got my appendix removed. I stayed 2 nights in the hospital, and it was fantastic. No responsibilities, nice nurses, good food (believe it or not). I got to take the whole week off work, and I swear it was the best week of my life. All I did was sleep, play video games, go on walks, and hang out with my cats.

Some days I find myself wishing to get in a car wreck. Not so bad that I’m seriously injured, but enough to get me at least another week off.”

12. No shame in your game

“Professional Wrestling.

Been a fan for close to 20 years, and I only feel comfortable telling my close friends about it.”

13. Same!

“Eating food alone in my car.”

14. Hey, whatever works

“I love using escort services.

Most of the escorts I’ve met have been great sex, and really great company. One of them showed me pictures of the house she was saving up money to buy back home in Poland. Another wanted to cuddle afterwards.”

15. Enjoy yourself!

“Picking my nose, like so deep inside all the way. Don’t judge me, I just enjoy doing that when nobody’s around.”

Any of yours make this list?