10+ People Share Questionable Food Combinations That Rival Pineapple on Pizza

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The debate about pineapple on pizza divides America (and the world). Forget about political problems — this is the most pressing issue we face as a people.

Okay, I might be exaggerating, but people do seem to get fired up about it. However, it’s not the only pizza topping that’s up for discussion. AskReddit users share other food combinations that might make you go, “wait, what?”

1. I’ll be the judge of that

“My grandfather always put a slice of cheddar cheese on his apple pie. I tried it once and it really isn’t bad!”

2. Hmmmm….

“French fries dipped in a milk shake. I am all for it while I know people who find it disgusting.”

3. I’m on board with this

“A shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice.”

4. Have to look this one up

“I’ve seen durian pizza on menus in China. I think durian by itself is disgusting and don’t want to think about what a durian pizza would taste like.”

5. Probably not bad

“Bacon and peanut butter.”

6. I’m down

“I hear “Mint and chocolate are gross together” all the time. Dude, I love an Andes Mint or thin mints. “

7. Disown him!

“My little psychopath of a brother likes ketchup on Oreos.”

8. Unusual

“I drink milk while I eat popcorn. My friends think it is weird. Not exclusively. Just when I want to have them together. In fact, just they either day, I had popcorn and water to drink.”

9. Fascinating!

“Strawberries with balsamic vinegar is a weird one that works.”

10. That is not cool

“My friend likes KETCHUP ON VANILLA ICE CREAM. I don’t understand it.”

11. Very divisive

“The use of raw red onions in food. I’m all for it, but some people are not.”

12. Might be delicious?

“French fries with Hot fudge. They actually taste pretty good.”

13. Sounds tasty

“melon (the honeydew types? in Dutch Galia meloen) wrapped in thin slices of ham or german style smoked bacon. perfect in summer.”

14. Minimalist

“When I was a kid I used to eat A1 steak sauce sandwiches. No meat or anything just A1 steak sauce and bread.”

15. Hellspawn

“A few weeks ago some sort of hellspawn of a supermarket cashier, told me they love dipping oreos in mustard. I still refuse to step outside for all faith in humanity is now gone.”