10 People Who Ask Not Very Smart Questions Online

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on social media – or even a little time, honestly – you’ve probably encountered your fair share of not-so-smart people online.

There are way too many of them, to be honest, and on the internet everyone has their very own megaphone.

These 10 people really went hard when it comes to asking the dumb questions, but I have to say, I think we could really have gone without.

10. Mean Girls quote for the win.

Or the loss, honestly.

Oh my God Karen, you can’t just ask people why they’re white from InsanePeopleQuora

9. I’m not sure this is dumb so much as startling.

And I’m not sure Reddit is the place to ask, to be honest.

Well that’s interesting. from InsanePeopleQuora

8. To cleanse her?

I have concerns. Many of them.

Ahhh. The joy of parenting from InsanePeopleQuora

7. Can you or should you?

Important distinction there.

What do we think of this one? from InsanePeopleQuora

6. This response is golden.

If only they would take it seriously.

Can’t handle the truth from facepalm

5. Try “I’m a hateful arse.”

Or maybe wear a Nazi flag.

Okayyy… from InsanePeopleQuora

4. You must mind your business.

But he probably won’t.

Perfect relationship doesn’t exist……… from InsanePeopleQuora

3. I just…

Bless their hearts for actually asking.

Oh no from InsanePeopleQuora

2. Weird how that works, yeah?

It’s almost like science isn’t lying to you.

1. How does THAT accidentally happen?

Or happen at all, I mean. Gosh.

As you do… from InsanePeopleQuora

I have no idea how to reply to these people, y’all. Maybe silence is the best course of action here.

How do you handle terribly silly comments online? If you’ve got best practices, lay them on us in the comments!