10 Pictures of Famous First Times in History

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

I mean, I could have come up with 50 of them, but I think that would be a bit much, right? Instead, here are 10 pictures that commemorate the very first time something was done, made, or presented to the world.

Photo Credit: GIPHY

In not quite so dramatic a fashion, but still.

#10. The world’s first selfie.

Photo Credit: Reddit

This self-image, taken by photographer Robert Cornelius in 1839, does double duty – it’s also the first distinct human portrait in history.

#9. The first neon sign in Las Vegas.

Photo Credit: Neon Library

It debuted atop the El Rancho Casino in 1941.

#8. The first time Van Gogh showed off a “starry sky.”

Photo Credit: Public Domain

It was in this painting of a real place, titled Cafe Terrace at Night (1888).

#7. The first photograph of lightning.

Photo Credit: Documenting Reality

This image was captured by William Jennings in 1882.

#6. The first bikini worn in public.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Micheline Bernardini showed it off in 1946.

#5. The first completely artificial heart.

Photo Credit: Public Domain

It wasn’t that long ago – 2015.

#4. Ford’s first car.

In 1896, Henry Ford’s Quadricycle was born. It ran on gasoline but moved on bicycle tires.

#3. The first McDonald’s restaurant.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

In 1948, the people of San Bernardino received the first Mickey D’s. The original building is still there and now functions as a museum and gift shop.

#2. The first cell phone.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Believe it or not, it debuted in 1983. The device weighed more than a kg, and held a 30 minute charge after revving up for 10 hours.

#1. The first woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel (and survive).

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Annie Edson Taylor did it in 1901 – she was 63 years old.