10 Pictures of Delicious Cakes from Around the World

Image Credit: Flickr

I am a sugar addict. I didn’t used to be, but something about getting pregnant with my first son flipped a switch, and now my day doesn’t feel complete without a fix. But while I love diving into some tasty cake, I’ve never given much thought to how it might look if I ordered it in different countries all over the world (which I definitely would do, given the chance.)

That’s why I was thrilled to come upon these 10 pictures of amazing cakes from across the globe. It’s great visual evidence of how cultures make and enjoy cake – even if it doesn’t always look the way you think cake should.

#10. Denmark

Image Credit: Flickr

If you love Danishes, you’re going to want to make a Kagemand for your next birthday. The “cake man” consists of a bunch of Danishes with candy sprinkled on top, plus marzipan spelling out the name and age of the birthday boy or girl. MmmMMMmmmm…

#9. Croatia

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Krempita is part crispy pastry, part decadent custard and all over scrumptious.

#8. Argentina

Image Credit: Flickr

If you love dulce de leche, then you simply must visit Argentina. Rogel is multiple layers of crust and dulce de leche smothered in meringue.

#7. Philippines

Image Credit: Flickr

Ube cake isn’t just an awesome bright purple, it’s also somewhat healthy because it’s made of yams!

#6. Brazil

Image Credit: Flickr

This definitely looks like a cake to me, but it comes with a twist that I’d love to try. The bolo de cenoura com cobertura de chocolate is a carrot cake with chocolate icing, instead of cream cheese frosting.

#5. Germany

Image Credit: Instagram

It may look like pie, but this Gewittertorte is totally a cake — a thunderstorm cake to be exact. The torte has a bunch of delicious layers — cake, meringue, slivered almonds, fresh raspberry filling, fresh whipped cream, and repeat. Yum!

#4. Indonesia

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

If someone serves you a traditional kue lapis — a layer cake with each layer baked on an open flame or under a broiler — make sure and take a small piece. The amount of eggs and butter used make it is no joke, and it results in one rich slice of dessert.

#3. Sweden

Image Credit: Flickr

The Prinsesstarta, or princess cake, is a 2-3 spongecake with vanilla cream, jam, and whipped cream between the layers. The frosting is a green marzipan, with a rose and optional powdered sugar on top.

#2. Puerto Rico

Image Credit: Instagram

The traditional bizcocho mojaditoa is a staple on the island. It’s a simple cake soaked in a sweet brandy syrup and frosted with buttercream. Decorations are typically just a simple white frosting.

#1. South Africa

Image Credit: Creative Commons

Another tart that looks like a pie to the American eye, this dessert is called “melktert,” or “milk tart,” because it’s super creamy.