10 Places That Will Be Cheaper to Fly to in 2020


Who doesn’t love a good deal? Especially when it comes to traveling somewhere new and exciting? Well, you’re in luck, my friends!

Reader’s Digest got some inside info from flight experts to find out which places will be cheaper to fly to in 2020.

Take a look at this list of destinations and be sure to get your passport renewed!

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires

American Airlines now has a non-stop from the west coast to the Argentinian capital, and Norwegian Air has filed requests to fly from U.S. cities to Buenos Aires, as well. With more competition, flight fares to this city from the U.S. are supposed to drop.

2. Japan


Flights to Japan have become more affordable because more routes to cities other than Tokyo have opened up. So you can fly across the ocean to another Japanese city and save some dough. Boom!

3. Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

Flights fares to Nairobi have been dropping because of Kenya Airways’ joint venture with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Air France. But you might want to avoid flying here in July because fares will be higher due to the IAAF World Championships being held there.

4. Hawaii


That sure sounds nice, doesn’t it? Southwest now has flights from San Diego and San Jose (and other California cities) to all of the Hawaiian islands – and other airlines are following suit. That equals lower prices for consumers.

5. Casablanca, Morocco


Royal Air Maroc increased its route availability, and you can now fly there from New York, D.C., Miami, and Boston. Flights to Casablanca from Philadelphia begin in June 2020.

6. Alaska


Alaska is on my bucket list, so I’m pretty excited about this one. Delta and Alaska Airlines are competing to deliver the best deals out of Seattle, so the prices have dropped as of late. You can also find good deals to Alaska from Detroit and Minneapolis.

7. London, England


There are now more flights from the U.S. to London than ever before – and across numerous airlines – so this is a great time to fly to Swingin’ London.

That’s a thing, right? Swingin’ London?

8. France


Bonjour! There’s a lot of competition to fly to the classic beloved vacation destination, and that makes prices drop further and further…and we love it! Some budget airlines are offering straight flights from the U.S. as well. You can also shop around and fly into other French cities besides Paris if you want to save some cash.

9. Fiji


Wow! This sounds like a dream come true.

Fiji is a tropical paradise in the south Pacific consisting of more than 300 islands. Obviously, Fiji is really far away from the U.S., so flights are expensive no matter what. But prices have been dropping, and there’s been a “two-for-one” flight that originates in Los Angeles and flies to Australia and Fiji for $533. Not so bad!

10. Zürich, Switzerland


There are plenty of flights to the famous Swiss city, and it is a good jumping-off point to explore the rest of Europe. A new route from Washington D.C. to Zürich via Swiss International Airlines will add competition and help keep prices down.

What spots are on your travel list for 2020?

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