10 Prophetic Posts That Seem to Have Predicted the Mess That Was 2020

Image Credit: Tumblr

It might seem as if no one could have predicted the events of 2020. They are varied and far-reaching, and every time you think someone has filled up their Bingo card, a new square appears just when we least expect it.

Hold on, though, because these 10 posts on Tumblr seem to have figured that some of this was coming…

No word on how. No word on why.

Just read on…

10. Is it a joke or is it real life?

No one knows anymore.


9. It only took 2 months for this to come true.

Do we blame it on her, or…?


8. Apocalypse Bingo just keeps getting easier to win.

We’re all gonna have a blackout soon.


7. If only we could go back to 2015.

It was a much simpler time.


6. We were so cute and clueless last year.

Let’s go back to 2019.


5. I think it’s more like stinky cheese.

But yeah, either way it’s aged well.


4. Many of us are going to need to be more careful what we wish for.

There’s being an introvert, and then there’s this.


3. This decade will definitely be known as the Screaming 20s.

I say that even though we’re still in the first year, yes.


2. Very good advice for the future.

Who could have guessed?


1. What’s crazier is that we’ve forgotten about most of this.

Or at least, I had.


I’m a little gobsmacked, and rethinking my ideas on time travel.

What are your explanations, here? Thoughts? Theories? Share them with us in the comments!