10 Scary Podcasts That Will Seriously Give You the Creeps


Creepy horror entertainment is all the rage these days. From true crime TV shows and documentaries to frightening podcasts about all kinds of subjects, the public is consuming it and begging for more.

Here are 10 really creepy podcasts that you should give a shot if you like to delve into all the scary stuff out there.

Listen….if you dare!

1.The No Sleep Podcast

This podcast was inspired by the page r/nosleep on Reddit, and it features fictional horror stories that will make you…well, lose sleep. Just like you’re sitting around a campfire in the middle of the woods!

2. Lore

This popular podcast is dedicated to terrifying stories that just happen to be true. There’s also an Amazon Prime TV show you should check out.

3. Snap Judgement Presents: Spooked

True-life, terrifying stories of the supernatural. As an added bonus, the person who actually experienced the events does the talking on this podcast.

4. The Moonlit Road

All of the scary stories on this podcast are set in or inspired by the American South. Perfect for those late night drives on country roads.

5. Alice Isn’t Dead

Alice Isn’t Dead is a serialized podcast about a truck driver looking for his missing wife and trust me, there are a lot of supernatural encounters along the way.

6. Unexplained

This program focuses on unexplained, true events that run the gamut of subjects. Spooky!

7. My Favorite Murder

Comedian Karen Kilgariff and TV host Georgia Hardstark host this podcast that looks at true crime cases from a comedic angle. Do you like your humor dark? This might be the podcast for you.

8. The Apex and The Abyss

A serious true crime show that is deadly serious in its approach to the dark subject matter.

9. The Black Tapes

This podcast sounds like a true, investigative reporting show, but it is fiction. The show is about a reporter trying to discover the truth about a paranormal investigator.

10. Anything Ghost

Anything Ghost features listener-submitted stories, so you know these creepy tales all actually happened to people. Time to freak out!

Happy listening! But you might want to do it with the lights on…