10 Silly Tweets That Will Make You Smile

There’s something to be said for allowing yourself to be silly – to dance around the kitchen, make funny faces at your kids, and laugh really loudly at jokes that aren’t for everyone.

If that’s the kind of mood you’re in today, these 10 posts should hit just right – so take a look, do some scrolling, and get ready to let your sillies out.

10. Hope you like the taste of cardboard.

And saving the environment.

9. That’s y’alls problem.

Deal with it or don’t look.

8. I absolutely love this.

Where can I get one.

7. I would really like to enjoy Sundays more.

Honestly we just need more days that aren’t work days.

6. Everything about dogs are great.

I’m just saying.

5. Bless.

There’s a place at the bar for both of you.

4. That blessed time of year is nearly upon us.

I can’t wait.


3. We don’t like this.

Eh, try again.

2. How can you eat those?

They kind of appear sentient.


1. Busy is busy.

Don’t judge me.


People are the best when they don’t care what people think, right?

Which of these really got you laughing? Tell us in the comments!