10 Strangers Remember How They Told Their Significant Others That They Loved Them for the First Time

Photo Credit: Pexels, Artem Beliaikin

Have you ever been the first in a relationship to say the words “I love you”? It can be frightening to admit you’ve fallen for another person. What if they don’t say it back – or worse, they respond with “I don’t feel that way”?

These three precious, heartfelt words can either blossom the romance to the next level or kill it before the final word “you” is muttered. One Reddit user wondered how this epic moment went for others by asking, “What’s the story of your first “I love you” with your SO?”

These stories may surprise you.

10. While you were sleeping

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/cdkk518

9. Anytime to say it is a good time

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/CharityJai

8. “I love you” can even be funny

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/cstav

7. The games we play

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/OSRS4KNIVES

6. So very sweet

5. A miscommunication at its best

4. Sounds like a ROMCOM in the making

3. Alcohol is a truth serum

2. A lovely misunderstanding

Photo Credit: Reddit, u/Yizza

1. All the feels

The moral of these stories? Never be afraid to confess your love; you may be surprised by the reaction. <3