10 Super Cool Websites You Never Knew to Bookmark

Photo Credit: Pexels, Designecologist

Say goodbye to the mundane internet and scream, “GIMMEE!” to fun and funny sites that are actually useful.

Whether you are wondering just how big your country is (to scale) or what to make for f***ing dinner, here 10 websites that’ll give you what you need

10. What’s for F**cking dinner?

You never have to worry about what to make for dinner with this recipe randomizer…just as long as you’re prepared to get yelled at.

Don’t worry, it’s all in fun.

9. How big is the US, really?

Photo Credit: TheTrueSize.com

This site shows you just how big or small your country is compared to others. It’s oddly satisfying.

Plus, it really emphasizes just how much you didn’t learn in 8th grade social studies.

8. Drinking too much caffeine?

Photo Credit: CaffeineInformer.com

On this site, you can see learn much caffeine you can drink per day, which is very helpful for coffee addicts and energy drink lovers. It even breaks down brand names.

7. A two-minute challenge

Are you stressed and need a few minutes to relax? Calm, a company mostly known for its meditation app, also has a website to help you get 2 minutes of relaxation in no matter where you are.

6. Is it Christmas?

Photo Credit: Is it Christmas?

The next time someone asks you if it’s Christmas (cause sometimes people get confused and think it’s in October or whatever), send them this link. It’s a minimalist site that changes only one day a year.

5. Need a name?

Photo Credit: BehindTheName.com

Looking to name your avatar? Are you a writer needing a name for a character? Look no further.  You can choose gender, native country, even mythology to get the perfect name.

4. Painting game

Photo Credit: FlashByNight.com

This game is strangely soothing and challenging at the same time. The goal: Color the board with one color. The trick: do it in 29 moves. Good luck!

3. Has your email been compromised?

Key in your email to see if it’s been “pwned.” There have been over 8 BILLION entered!

2. This is the end of your internet frustration

Have you ever wondered if the website you’re on is down or if it’s just you? This handy site will help you out!

1. A site for all music lovers

If you’re in the mood for a certain music sound and want to hear something like Taylor Swift (or anyone else), then key in the name and voila—other bands just like her (or whomever, don’t judge) appear! The closer in proximity to the artist, the more alike they are.

Now get playing on these sites, and have fun doing it!