10 Things They Don’t Teach You in High School That You Learn Right Away When You Go to College

You really think you’re pretty smart, don’t you…?

Hey, I’m not talkin’ trash! I think a lot of people who went to college thought they were pretty clever when they set out on their own.

But, oh, how quickly they all learn…

Check out what people had to say about what you learn right away when you go away to college.

1. Students do this.

They just disappear…

2. Got it all figured out.

He’s a genius!

3. Just get rid of them.

Not cool anymore.

4. It’s a race to the finish.

But then you get to chill!

5. Ended up in the same place.

That’ll show him!

6. Good luck with that…

Don’t crush her dreams…yet.

7. They’re a strange breed.

No one else like them…

8. Good for you!

Really reaching for the sky!

9. Sure it will!

Don’t even worry about it!


10. This is TRUTH.


What did you learn in college that you didn’t learn in high school?

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