10 Totally Tough English Tongue Twisters

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Do you love tongue twisters? I kind of think we forget about them as we get older, like fun things are only for kids.

They’re not, though, and English is just the most delightfully weird language to mess with, don’t you think?

You’ll see what I mean after you try these 10 tough tongue twisters!

10. T’s for days.

I do love toast, though.

Why do these never make sense?

9. No luck for me.

But, seriously, wtf does this even mean?

MIT says this is the most difficult tongue twister in the world.

8. Don’t have a beer before trying this one.

Warriors and worriers don’t mix. Clearly.

I hope Rory and Roger aren’t drinking.

7. This one is a “B.”

But I do like the word blunderbusses quite a bit.

This one is way too long! Argh!

6. Are we sure these are different words?

Oh those picks and sticks are pesky things!

I hope your s’s and k’s are ready.

5. No one likes a cross cow.

Especially in a crowded cow crossing.

I had to read this a bunch of times.

4. Wish upon a star.

There are so many conditions here… it makes me dizzy!

Don’t wish your life away practicing this tongue-twister!

3. Painfully, I’d guess.

Those clams need to find a new place to cram?

Can you say that 10 times fast?

2. That’s a lot of miscreants.

Thrilling thieves thought thricely about these thrills throughly.

This one kind of makes sense!

1. Just imagine.

Okay, I’m getting off this ride. It has far too many twists and turns.

I’m glad this is just a tongue twister!

Did you have trouble? How could you not?

Share your favorite tongue twisters with us in the comments!