10 True Tales of Dumb Stuff We Did As Kids

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I have this memory from when I was a little kid.

I was in the bathroom, holding a fork, and I stuck it in the electrical socket that was low on the wall, facing the living room.

Not only did I feel electricity surging through me, but I somehow actually saw THROUGH the wall into the living room itself.

In retrospect, this was probably a dream that I got mixed up with a memory. First of all because people don’t put electrical sockets low to the floor in bathrooms, and second, being electrocuted doesn’t give you x-ray vision.

But it’s still something I MIGHT have done, because kids are idiots, as is proven by these anonymous childhood confessions.

10. Pretty loopy

What’s going on in a child’s head when they do this kind of thing?

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9. Chip off the old block

Plot twist: it was old lead paint.

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8. That sucks

Why would you suck on ANY fence?

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7. Bird by bird

How have we as a species survived this long?

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6. Solid burn

Wait, what?

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5. Super! Man!

I’d say that could have gone a LOT worse.

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4. I mustache you some questions about this

Dang kid, how bad was your school?

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3. Let’s play, doh

The dumb part isn’t trying it, but trying it AGAIN.

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2. Colorful tales

No boys were brought to the yard whatsoever.

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1. Clean up

This is horrible.

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Yup. Kids are dumb. No way around it.

What’s the dumbest thing you did as a kid?

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