10 Funny Tweets That Have Thousands of RTs


2019 gave us a lot of new looks, discoveries, and news. There was unrest, drama, political in- and outfighting, and celebrity feuding. It was, frankly, exhausting.

Not everything about 2019 was tough, though – it was also a year that gave us a lot of laughs!

The year was full of many viral posts on social media, including an endless array of memes. Though Twitter once again grabbed attention for some unsavory things, the site was also gold mine for funny quips.

There are too many jokes to sift through, but below are 10 hilarious tweets from 2019.

10. This Dance Video

Who knew porcupines could dance?

9. The Helpful Boyfriend

He really tried! We mean this literally.

 8. This Proposal for an Alphabet Remix

Comedian Julio Torres has a point.


7. A Moment-Ruining Act

At least no harm was intended?

6. A Dramatic Text, Indeed!

He’s probably not gonna forgive her if she forgets their anniversary.

5. Literally No One Asked

But this viral tweet was delivered.

4. Bite Marks at the Gym

As if anyone needed a reason to avoid the place!

3. Every Mom’s Worst Nightmare

The kid is very sorry though.

2. Indispensable Advice!

The question asked by many in the dating pool today.


1. This Hilarious Truth

The responses to this are quite fun!


In the midst of a chaotic year, Twitter and its users kept making us laugh in 280 characters or less. Condensing this list into just 10 was quite difficult, but Twitter users will probably continue delivering in 2020, so you’ll be seeing more soon.

What kinds of jokes do you want to see more of in 2020? Feel free to share your opinion!