10 Facts About Fyre Festival That Will Make You Absolutely Thrilled You Stayed Home

Photo Credit: Netflix

Fyre Festival–the music festival that didn’t happen–is arguably the biggest non-event of 2017. If there was ever a time you were happy you didn’t bother getting a ticket to something huge–aside from Woodstock ’99–this was it.

Scroll through these 10 terrible facts about Frye Festival and tell me I’m wrong here.

1. Billy MacFarland was CEO of Fyre Media, Inc., and started his scamming days in elementary school.

He told kids he would repair broken crayons for $1 each.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

2. MacFarland insisted everything be recorded, from planning to getting bailed out of jail.

What’s great about this is all the evidence of his fraud was in one place.

Photo Credit: Netflix

3. The accommodations were hyped to ridiculousness.

“The only reason you should be sleeping outside at Fyre Festival is because you want to be. Even the cheapest accommodations include a comfy bed and quality roof over your head. This is the kind of festival where you can retire to your room with your friend at the end of the night, sip wine, and relax. No tents needed”–paid promotional content.


4. The cheapest ticket was $1500, while the VIP ticket was $12,000.

All tickets included flights, accommodations and meals.

5. One of the star bands of Fyre Festival, Blink-182, dropped out.

They could smell the impending disaster. And, probably the portable toilets.

6. MacFarland and his team borrowed $4 million to rent offices.

They used Google searches to plan the rest of the festival to fit their $1 million budget.

Photo Credit: Netflix

7. It’s rumored Kendall Jenner was paid $250,000 for one Instagram post about Fyre Fest.

8. MacFarland also tried to start some shady credit card club called Magnises Pieces.

Yes, it was a disaster as well.

Photo Credit: Imgur

9. The villa accommodations were hurricane tents leftover from Hurricane Matthew.

Photo Credit: Netflix

10. None of these people were there.

Also, all the bands pulled out.


Speaking as a couch potato, I’m quite happy to catch the documentaries on Flop Festival airing on both Netflix and Hulu. Afterwards, I will stream some Blink-182 while eating a hot meal in the luxury of my own solid-walled house. Living the dream.