10 Women Get Real About What It Was Like Tying Their Tubes

The decision whether or not to have children – and when to be done having children – is an intensely personal one. For most of us, we’ll make it with consideration of our own desires as well as those of any romantic partners and no one else.

What’s it like actually pulling the trigger, though? These 10 women are getting real about making that irreversible call!

10. We do our best at the time.

There are plenty of other options out there!

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9. It’s nobody’s business, really.

Which sadly does not stop folks from asking.

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8. I assume it fades eventually.

Otherwise there would be a lot more babies!

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7. As long as you’re sure.

Might as well put a stop to all of the troubles.

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6. Pregnancy and childbirth are no picnic.

And they’re harder on some people than others.

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5. Once you see the vastness of the problem…

It can become awfully hard to ignore.

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4. Jokes on them!

Maybe they’ll stop asking…eventually.

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3. That one will grow up too, though.

I’m just saying.

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2. An all-too familiar story.

Only do something permanent if YOU want to.

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1. Everyone has their reasons.

They’re not required to mass your muster.

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All of these make sense, right? You have to do what you feel is best.

Have you been sterilized? Let us know in the comments how you knew it was time!