10 Women With Multiple Boyfriends Share How They Keep Things Straight

Relationships are hard enough when only two people are involved; I know that for some folks, inviting more people to the party is a natural next step, but it sounds like a lot more work to me.

These 10 women are all about that life, though, and they’re getting real with us about what it takes to keep it up.

10. As long as everyone’s cool.

No shame in that game.

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9. It’s like a test every day.

You’d better be up for it.

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8. Must be a whole lotta person.

I’d like to see that for myself.

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7. Hashtag blessed.

Probably more than one of them is up for it, in reality.

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6. Is that one lie or four?

Asking for a friend.

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5. It definitely seems to be.

More power to you!

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4. Her heart grew four sizes.

Just like when you have another child.

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3. At least you know yourself.

You’ve gotta know your limits.

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2. You can’t fill your soul with other people.

I think Aristotle said that.

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1. As long as no one is getting hurt.

At least, not yet.

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Yeah, definitely too much work.

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