15 Celebrity Throwback Photos That People Love

Photo Credit: Instagram, Elizabeth Banks

#1. Court side with Zac Efron and Leo DiCaprio.

Photo Credit: Instagram, Zac Efron

Get’cha head in the game, Leo.

#2. Back when Mandy Moore and *NSYNC were hoping for at least a small crowd…

That crowd accurately represents both my opinion of this concert, and my 90s wardrobe.

#3. Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher, back in the ’70s.

Errr, um.. ’90s. I guess.

#4. Orlando, through the years.

IMHO, he didn’t bloom until later in life.

#5. Turn-of-the-century Lupita Nyongo.

Who never ages, apparently. Queen.

#6. Madonna reminding us all that she used to date Tupac.

Photo Credit: Instagram, Madonna

I legitimately have no memory of this happening.

#7. Kim and Kourtney K wearing matching duvet covers.

They’re not fooling anyone. We all know this pic is totes Photoshopped.

#8. Will Smith, in what’s most likely a not-so-Fresh blanket.

Photo Credit: Instagram, Will Smith

Even if he did poop in that blanket, he’s still the cutest lil Prince you’ve ever seen. Look at those cheeks.

#9. Hugh Jackman showing off his superior looks again.

Some people just always have to be the cutest in the room AND make their own rules. I suppose that’s why he’s such a great showman.

#10. Stephen Colbert, before he could stay up late.

Photo Credit: Instagram, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

To be fair, I don’t know his life. Maybe he did stay up late. Reading Newsweek or somethin. It’s not nice to make assumptions based on appearance…


#11. Luke and Leia on the dance floor.

Get back in there, tear.

#12. Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton making a Cher sandwich.

I hope they were willing to share.

#13. Elizabeth Banks, when the odds weren’t quite in her favor.

But she’s still adorable.

#14. Seth Rogen and James Franco on the set of Freaks and Geeks.

Photo Credit: Instagram, Seth Rogen

I’d be surprised if they were any different now. Or then. Or both.

#15. Rashida Jones hanging out with her dad, Quincy Jones, and her siblings Kidada and Quincy Jones III, as well as family friends Paul and Linda McCartney, their kids Stella and James, and Michael Jackson.