11 Daily Tasks That Are Difficult for Lefties

Left-handed man shows a dirty hand after writing mockup

Just 10 percent of the world’s population is left-hand dominant.

Naturally, the other 90 percent don’t really understand the daily struggles that southpaws face.

Here are 11 daily tasks that are difficult for lefties. Some of them may surprise you.

1. Using scissors

Simply cutting a piece of paper for a project can be a nightmare for a left-handed person.

Scissors are typically designed for right-handed people, so a lefty may have to hold them upside down just to be able to cut.

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2. Eating with other people

If you’re part of the 90 percent and have dined next to a lefty, you should know all too well about the difficulty of this task.

Lefties can have a difficult time dining comfortably because they will be invading their neighbor’s space.

Maybe sitting across the table is the best bet after all.

3. Painting your fingernails

Painting your own nails can be a challenge no matter if you’re a lefty or a righty.

For southpaws, trying to paint their left hand with their right can be an absolute mess.

Sometimes it’s best to just pay the extra money and let the professionals handle it.

4. Banking

Banks love to protect their pens. But did you ever notice that most banks have their pens chained in a position that’s advantageous for right-handed people?

That can make endorsing a check an uncomfortable task for a lefty.

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5. Walking

You may not notice it, but we tend to lean toward our dominant side when walking.

So if you’re passing a left-handed person, it can be an awkward ordeal if they are leaning into your path.

Just blame genetics.

6. Getting dressed

Even getting dressed can be a tough task for left-handers thanks to zippers.

Buttons and zippers typically are designed for right-handed people to open and close.

Maybe it’s time to offer a new line of clothing just for lefties.

7. Measuring ingredients

Cooking is already hard enough for many people, but for lefties, it can be even more challenging.

Glass and plastic measuring cups typically have the serving amount printed on the left of the handle.

That means left-handers often come face-to-face with the metric system side, which is another challenge in itself.

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8. Using a can opener

A can opener is a useful kitchen tool…unless you’re a lefty.

Manual can openers are designed to favor right-handers. Luckily, modern-day devices can do the job for you no matter what hand you prefer to use.

9. Using a cell phone

Even our phones are optimally designed for the 90 percent of the population that calls their right hand the dominant one.

Apple is the prime culprit when it comes to lefties and their cell phone struggles. At times, your left hand can block the antenna and lead to poor reception.

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10. Using a car cup holder

It’s already a challenge to try and use the gear shift with your non-dominant hand.

Now imagine trying to grab a drink from a cup holder while driving.

Talk about a nightmare.

11. Writing

Let’s just say notebooks aren’t a lefty’s best friend.

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Left-handers have trouble writing because their own hand can smudge or smear their work.

Maybe typing your next assignment is the better option.

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Are you a lefty? What tasks do you find more difficult than your right-handed friends and family members?

Tell us more in the comments below!