11 Dank Memes to Help Satisfy All Your Scrolling Needs

Sometimes, we all just need to totally unplug and mindlessly indulge good ol’ memes.

Luckily for you, we have a fresh drop of 11 dank memes that’ll help you scratch that scrolling itch.

1. The definition of stress

This was one of the more riveting parts of being on the bus home from middle school.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

2. The sixth love language

Listen, all things considered, we should take whatever we can get from cats.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

3. The ultimate hack

We all really thought that we pulled a fast one on Dora by doing this.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

4. Society’s lies

That’s one way to disillusion an entire class of kids real quick.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

5. Only the dankest

With the way all of 2020 went, this is truly the only way to survive what’s to come in 2021.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

6. Major oof

It was always the absolute most whenever your teacher laid the smackdown like this.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

7. Terrifying

This was easily the worst part of childhood.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

8. I’ve got a bad feeling about this

Anyone else feel like the world is still on fire?

Image Credit: theCHIVE

9. It’s the simple things

At least the astrological bodies are still working.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

10. The real MVP here

Honestly, this phrase is a total lifesaver in any essay. Literally anything could be encompassed in “etc.” so you can continue to look well-read while preventing yourself from saying something totally inaccurate.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

11. Love isn’t real

When stuff like this happens, it’s just hard to believe in the good in the world.

Image Credit: theCHIVE

Ah, to recapture that feeling of total superiority of tricking a cartoon character.

There are some childhood pleasures that can only exist in the past, so it’s a good thing we have memes to help preserve them.

Do you have any memes that always give you a good chuckle? Share them with us in the comments!