11 Epileptics Share The Weirdest Comments They’ve Heard

There are all kinds of conditions out there that people don’t understand. It’s difficult to really grasp what it’s like to live with a disease like epilepsy if you haven’t experienced it yourself, after all.

That said, there are some questions and comments that are fine and just curious, and then there are…comments like these 11, which definitely cross a line.

11. What a sweetheart.

At least she got to dodge a bullet.

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10. Um, none of your business.

Also, ew. Stop it.

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9. I bet her parents were special.

And not at all in a good way.

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8. Bless her heart.

At least she was a child.

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7. Only a little?

And he’s still your boyfriend? Yikes.

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6. That’s definitely not how this works.

What is the connection supposed to be there?

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5. If only.

It might actually have an upside, then.

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4. Yes. Yes it is.

You don’t want to correct something that hilarious.

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3. That’s not a thing.

Which you would know if you had some empathy.

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2. Both of those people can attend a concert.

I’d wager they’re more productive members of society than that lady.

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1. It’s not due to metal in the body.

If there was an easy solution we would be using it.

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Stop and think before talking, y’all.

It’s good advice whether you’re a kid or a full-grown adult, apparently.

If you suffer from epilepsy, add your own “I can’t believe they said that” moment down in the comments!