11 Examples Of Truly Excessive Packaging

If you’ve ever ordered a package from Amazon – wink wink, nudge nudge – then you’ve probably gotten a box that was way too big for its contents and full of so much extra packaging you felt like you were ruining the planet all by yourself.

Let me tell you, if that drove you crazy? Wait until you see the pictures these 11 people snapped of their own excessive packaging moments – because they really are something else.

11. Just. Earrings.

It’s like some kind of random joke.

Image Credit: Reddit

10. Are those…meat trays?

This just doesn’t even make sense.

9. Do they only have one size of box?

Are big boxes cheaper? So many questions!

8. Ok just stop it.

It’s not a Russian nesting doll for heaven’s sake!

7. You know some people would go nuts for that.

Just because it’s “new” and “interesting.”

6. It’s definitely unexpected.

And yeah, also definitely not a good look.

5. You can just put it all in one bag.

I promise that no one cares.

4. How could you even find it in there?

There’s a good chance I would have thrown the whole thing away.

3. It literally looks like someone squeezed it all out.

I would be measuring it.

2. I don’t understand this at all.

They’re not easier to stack, they don’t take up less room…explain!

Image Credit: Reddit

1. I guess you might burn some calories unwrapping them all.

Out of pure frustration, probably

Seriously, it’s like we’re just totally ignoring the fact that this planet has plastic waste coming out its ears!

What’s the worst example you’ve seen of extra packaging? Who committed the sin?

Out them in the comments!