11 Google Reviews You Have To Read To Believe

Listen, I think that the ability to review products and services and places we buy things online is great. It can save people time and money and honestly, at least in some scenarios, a fair bit of heartbreak.

That said, most of us realize that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, and so when you read a bad review of a place or product, you have to be more than a little bit discerning.

I hope that when people ran across these 11 Google reviews they realized right away that something sketchy was going on, because none of these people really even tried to hide their tracks.

11. I have no idea what’s going on here.

But I’m not mad about it at all.

10. Maybe just follow the traffic laws?

Just an idea.

9. All of these reviews about male to male extension cords.

Like this one, which insists they shouldn’t even exist.

Image Credit: Twitter

8. And this person, who has advice for the budding serial killers in the bunch.

Or anyone who wants an open electrical current in their home.

Image Credit: Twitter

7. I imagine it would kill more than frogs.

Not that you would want to do that.

Image Credit: Twitter

6. This patron really took it personally.

That must be some cabin to inspire such loyalty.

5. Hotel, you say?

Are we sure about that?

4. The customer is not always right.

Sometimes we don’t even want them to be our customer.

3. Does “meh, poetry” mean “this is mediocre poetry?

Or does it mean “all poetry is meh?”

2. I thought revenge was a dish best served cold.

Catfish definitely isn’t though.

1. Helpful or not helpful?

I honestly can’t decide.

Y’all, people really are too much sometimes, and the internet takes that muchness and makes it even bigger.

What’s the funniest bad review you or your business has received? Tell us about it in the comments!