11 ‘Guy Who Invented’ Tweets for You to Laugh At

©Unsplash,Denis Agati

Have you seen these “Guy Who Invented” tweets? They’re pretty darn funny, if I do say so myself.

Haven’t seen them yet?

You’ll get the idea as soon as you dive into this list of tweets.

Let’s go!

1. Maybe he’s right…

2. That’s how it started, folks!

3. Fun Dip origin story.

4. Waaaaay too many.

5. This must be a joke.

6. Your wish is granted.

7. Let’s give it a shot.

8. He got burned.

9. Don’t worry about that.

10. Making it much more difficult.

11. Thanks a lot, a**hole.

Those make me laugh, what can I say?

Are you a fan of these “Guy Who Invented” tweets?

If so, share some of your favorites with us in the comments!