11 “I Know a Spot”Tweets That Are as Funny as They Are True

Sometimes a trend catches on in the Twitterverse and everyone wishes it would go away. It’s not the funny, or it’s annoying, or it just won’t stop.

If you ask me (and tons of other people) the recent spate of tweets detailing different people who “know a spot” and where they take you is pretty darn funny, though, and part of that is because they’re so very true.

These 11 seem to be the cream of the crop, besides!

11. But you get to haunt him forever.

It’s maybe not the worst deal in the world.

10. We don’t feel badly about it, either.

Although now that I’m old I can’t remember what happened last year.

9. I think everyone needs a spot like that.

Hopefully where you can also hide snacks.

8. Because it is the very best place.

Holler if you know I’m right.

7. The original mansplainer.

Okay probably not the original but early.

6. It might be too soon?

If she were real it would definitely be too soon.

5. Home is where the heart is?

Even when it’s someone else’s, I suppose.

4. Good for the lungs.

Such a beautiful (if smelly) place to walk!

3. There might be something super cool down there.

Or you might be about to die.

2. But you’re definitely not mad about it.

Don’t act like you are.

1. That’s how you know it’s a good spot.

And how will you know what kind of person you’re dating without knowing whether or not they can find parking?

I’m laughing so hard because yep…all of these would happen.

Which of these rang the truest for you? Tell us in the comments!